Sunday, June 30, 2013

Spur: Training the Beast, Part 27

Dinner with Erica and Jalyn, June 30

Expecting Erica and Jalyn for dinner, we put Spur’s collar on him, ran him (and Denali) around the back yard for a bit, then crated him because sometimes they just knock on the door and let themselves in. Ian heard a car door in the driveway and went to go check. Another car door and Denali barked. They were here. Denali barked some more. I could hear Spur stand up and get on his “ready” inside his crate. Denali quieted down when they came in. We immediately headed into the kitchen, where they ignored Spur, but he was good. No barking. Maybe an “oof” or two, but nothing more than that. We gave them a small bowl of little treats to feed Spur through his crate. We encouraged Jalyn to talk to him. Ask him to “sit” and “down.” Treat! Lots of treats! He did really well!

After we ate dinner, we let Spur out of the crate. He was very pleasant! Sniffing everyone, wiggling his nubbie, sitting patiently for treats! “Paw” and “Other Paw” were also requests made of him and he performed perfectly. Erica commented many times that this was a completely different Spur from the last time she’d seen him (two months ago.) The only time he got loud was when Erica sent Jalyn out to the car to get her purse. Jalyn came in the back door as we were all in the kitchen. Spur must have been startled by the “intruder.” His outburst caused Jalyn to jump. We called out to him. He quieted quickly and allowed Jay to enter. We had no other issues with him the entire evening. Good job, Spur.

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