Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spur: Training the Beast, Part 24

Class Day 12, May 22 – Graduation?

We knew the day was coming because of the many mentions of Graduation in our last class. At the facility, we were the only ones present (there were no other private or group classes going on.) Turk and Sam greeted us. I got Spur out of the car and immediately took him into a brisk walk. A couple of times up and back and I felt we were ready to go greet Sam and Turk. Spur was a little wary of Turk, but didn’t bark. Doug needed to use the restroom, so I had control of Spur for a bit. We tested him on some of his obedience. Two place boards, placed about 20 feet apart. Walk Spur to one of them; place; drop leash; walk to other board (with Spur in a “stay.”) Call Spur to the second place board. He did everything PERFECT. The obedience was hardly ever an issue. Even tried having him Heel with the leash dropped and dragging on the ground. PERFECT. Doug got back and Sam got her dog to add distraction. We walked the sidewalk up toward the AutoBell. Spur did Great! We walked back to the facility. No issues. We decided to go off in search of distractions. We drove to a ball park that was deserted. No distractions here; so we drove to another park. This one only had a hand full of people. There was a small lake with a path all the way around. We walked the path, Spur being distracted by goose poo. When we got to the side with the children’s playground, a man with his toddler showed up. Spur ignored both of them! Next up, the gaggle of geese. Sam and her dog went first to clear the sidewalk of the geese. Spur saw them, but didn’t feel like he needed to investigate them. We heard one slightly hissing at us but kept going without incident. There were turtles in the lake. Spur was curious about the turtles, but Doug was able to get his attention back. We continued… at the end of the lake, there was a man sitting on a swing bench. Spur didn’t seem to notice. We continued on the path. When we got back to the side where we began, there was a man with a walker and his caretaker. Doug said Spur didn’t like the walker too much, but he didn’t make any movements toward it, nor did he bark. Our last challenge was walking by a bench that had a person with her Chihuahua. The person and the dog were still, so Spur didn’t have any issues with them, either. A very non-eventful trip to the park, for sure! As we headed back to the cars, a few more people with large items (boxes, plant hangers, Boston ferns) had arrived at the covered shelter. Spur walked by them all without a second look. If only ~all~ our outings were this non-eventful!

We drove back to the facility. Same gave us the lecture that we need to start taking him to more places where ~we~ feel uncomfortable taking him. More morning trips to the park(s) while they’re still quiet. Then, gradually finding more people. And, oh, by the way, Stand over here for your Graduation Picture. LOL! Next up… Group Classes! Oh jeez!

(if I ever find a copy of that picture, I'll post it here.)

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