Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spur: Training the Beast, Part 23

Saturday, June 22 – Quick, Pre-Class Visit to the Vet

Spur is due for his Heartworm medicine. The vet’s office opens at 8:00 am on Saturdays. We decided to run Spur up there to pick up his pill then head on to class. As we pulled up in the parking lot, a woman with two black Scotties was headed from her car to the entrance. I decided to go into the office, first, to announce that Spur was here (in case they needed to weigh him) and we just needed a pill. It took a while for the Scotty lady to get dogs weighed and checked in. Then, the receptionist needed to pull up Spur’s records. She verified his weight and pill and went to the back to get it for me.

By this time, outside, I hear Spur barking. The vet had come up the hill from her house and Spur got wound up. The barking set the Scotties off inside the lobby. I turned around to look outside after the vet came in, and Spur was carrying on about a statue; he barks at this statue every time he comes to the vet. Doug was trying to lure him to the statue with treats. Only feeding him when Spur would sniff quietly. But after the treat, Spur would back up and begin barking all over again. He really hates this little statue.

When I got the pill and paid, I went to exit the office and Spur, not realizing I had gone in the building, began barking madly at me (to him I was now some random stranger.) Even calling his name and approaching him didn’t calm him down. It took longer than I had expected but he finally realized I was mommy and quieted.

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