Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spur: Training the Beast, Part 22

Trips to Petco and Tractor Supply, June 19 & 20

On a Wednesday evening, we took Spur to the Petco. When we arrived in the parking lot, Doug walked him around the non-busy portion of the parking lot to get his attention. Spur did well relatively quickly, so we headed inside. Doug has really been doing a great job, trying to grab and keep Spur’s attention when we know there are going to be distractions. We headed to the back of the store to pick up some food for the kitties. Then we ventured over to the other side to look for doggie snacks. There were employees with carts and doors to the stockroom banging. Spur did great! We stopped to look for a toy, but nothing really grabbed Spur’s attention. So we headed for the rest of the toys at the front of the store. He did well when he spotted other people. Doug kept his attention and Spur didn’t bark or even oof. We saw the Petco trainer there. We had spoken to her before when we were shopping for a Thundershirt for him. Back then, I felt she was competent, so when I saw her this time, I gave her some treats to share with Spur. She kept her side to him and didn’t look at him and was able to feed him. His curiosity earned him more treats. We talked with her for about 10 minutes. She was finally able to look at him in the eye without any issue. We were close to the entrance of the store and there were maybe two times that he got loud, but I corrected him with the collar, and Doug corrected him with the leash. He quieted quickly. The trainer reminded us to praise the good behavior when he calmed down and looked at Doug again. When we were done talking with the trainer, we headed for the checkout. The cashier was also able to feed Spur treats without any incident. Pretty good trip.

On Thursday, we took him to the Tractor Supply. It’s amazing how busy this little place can get. We walked him in the parking lot and he was pretty relaxed. So we headed into the store. He didn’t bark or even “oof” at anyone. We picked out a stuffed trout dog toy because we felt he’d earned it. As I stood in line to pay, Doug took Spur outside. Still, Spur behaved very well.

He was pretty proud of his trout when he got home. LOL! He’s already gnawed off the fins and is currently working on the tail. Hah! Denali likes to squeak it. And they both love to play tuggie with it, too!

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