Thursday, April 26, 2012

Proud Momma Moment!

Last week my son had a Skype interview with someone at the Duke T.I.P. (geek-camp) ... yesterday he was offered a 3-week summer position as a Teaching Assistant. The position is absolutely PERFECT for him.

A couple years ago, as we were searching for an occupation for him, we took the Life Colors quiz ( He didn't seem to have any particular Life Color that was dominant, but three were nearly equal. Looking over the suggested occupations for those three colors, "Teacher" was listed in all three. He thought quickly about it and said, "Yeah, I think I'd like to do that!" Surprised the heck out of me!!! He's since talked about getting his degree, and his Master's, working in the field for a while and then returning to school to teach what he's learned.

So, I wasn't too surprised when, last summer, he took a local job at the Charter School where he graduated, as a Summer Camp Counselor. His first week, he came home and excitedly announced, "I'm really liking this job. The kids are cute, too!" By the end of the summer, it was a different story, "These kids don't want to be here! Their parents just need babysitting services! I don't know if I'm doing *that* again!" LOL!

But, this job... well, it's really perfect for him. The kids are tested by Duke University. If they pass the test(s) they are "invited" to attend what we call "smart kid camp." (LOL... before my son's interview we commented that most of these kids will probably be smarter than him!) It's not an inexpensive camp and the kids that attend, ~really~ want to attend! The weekend before his Skype interview, he had a class fieldtrip to the Duke Marine Lab (his major is Marine Sciences and Geology.) So, he's been to the site where this particular session will be held. Plus, his experience last summer as a camp counselor! What more could this employer want? Oh, and he's an Eagle Scout to boot!

Here's a run-down of his duties:

I'm so excited for him!!! :-D