Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last week, while visiting my mom and dad for Easter, I was getting out of the car with both my purse strap and my camera strap in my left hand. For some odd reason, my brain told my hand to loosen up some.

The D3100 hit the ground before I realized what happened. It landed on the front lens cap. A light jiggle, and I could hear broken glass. The lens cap was jammed and I could not immediately tell if it was the lens or my UV filter.

Sick! I felt so sick... How? Why? Heartbroken...

Luckily, when Doug was able to remove the lens cap, it was just the filter that was shattered. Double lucky, he purchased a (no questions asked) repair package figuring we'd never use it and it would probably be lost $$.

The camera would still take shots, but the metering is off. Non-flash shots were too dark; Flash shots were over exposed. And the filter ring is jammed on the front of the lens. (yes, I tried my other lens and those pix are too dark also.)

Took the camera to the shop tonight... will be watching the clock until it gets back.